Free Online Resources

Below you will find an ever growing list of free resources. I have been collecting these over the years, and have found that some free services really outshine others.


Colour Tools


An excellent place to make a colour palette for a project, or to browse the millions of palettes created by other users. Not only can you create and share your palettes, but you can expand your colour schemes into patterns. Another neat tool this website has: the ability to create palettes from a photo. Very handy when you’re trying to capture the palette of an existing image.


Gradient Maker

Found in one of my many Googling adventures, this website has an excellent tool for creating gradient palettes. Simply pick two colours, and let it fill in the spaces between.




A nice collection of creative fonts in varying degrees of free for use. The best part of this website is the many styles and categories that you can pick from to look through. It’s very easy to find a font suited to the theme you’re working with.

Do be sure to watch, and respect the individual copyright terms.


Google Fonts

An excellent source for fonts, with the trusted Google name overhead.

Marketing Tools


MailChimp is a marketing tool which primary use is to set up an e-mail newsletter for your business, or website. You could set up a newsletter for anything, really. They do have paid plans available, as many services do, but there is a free plan that is guaranteed to last forever.


Stock Photography


While not always the best selection, this website is great for landscapes, and nature based photography. Sometimes you have to dig a little to find something you like, but it’s usually worth it.



By far my favourite stock photography website. Unsplash has some of the highest quality images on the internet, and they are all free to do whatever you would like with. They have a very clear license page explaining the freedom that they were providing to those who use their photos.


Website Tools


My favourite visitor counter. I have been using this service for probably longer than any other website related service. They have evolved so much over the years, and they are still my go-to for monitoring web traffic.



One of the top content management systems out there, and the tool which runs this very blog. WordPress is a reliable way to publish and run your blog. Being so popular, there are tons of themes, and widgets, and plugins available to make your website exactly what you want.